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Voahangy Andrianaivoarimanana
  • Name: Dr Voahangy Andrianaivoarimanana
  • Institution: Institut Pasteur de Madagascar
  • Country: Madagascar
Iyasu Angani Dereja
  • Name: Dr Iyasu Angani Dereja
  • Institution: Animal Products, Veterinary Drugs and Feed Quality Assessment Center (APVDFQAC)
  • Country: Ethiopia
Brian Angus
  • Name: Prof Brian Angus
  • Institution: Oxford University
  • Country: United Kingdom
A.K.M. Mostafa Anower
  • Name: Dr A.K.M. Mostafa Anower
  • Institution: Patuakhali Science and Technology University
  • Country: Bangladesh
Martin Antonio
  • Name: Prof Martin Antonio
  • Institution: Medical Research Council Unit The Gambia at London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine,
  • Country: The Gambia
Desalegn Ararso
  • Name: Mr Desalegn Ararso
  • Institution: Addis Ababa University,Ethiopian Public Heallth Institute
  • Country: Ethiopia
Anna Erika Araujo
  • Name: Dr Anna Erika Araujo
  • Institution: Oswaldo Cruz Foundation FIOCRUZ
  • Country: Brazil
Sven Arnouts
  • Name: Dr Sven Arnouts
  • Institution: Ghent University - PROVAXS
  • Country: Belgium
Muhammad Ashraf
  • Name: Dr Muhammad Ashraf
  • Institution: Government Sector
  • Country: Pakistan
Philip Ashton
  • Name: Dr Philip Ashton
  • Institution: Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust/University of Liverpool
  • Country: Malawi
Carl Aston
  • Name: Mr Carl Aston
  • Institution: The University of Nottingham
  • Country: United Kingdom
Jerome Ateudjieu
  • Name: Dr Jerome Ateudjieu
  • Institution: Meileur Acces aux Soins de Santé (M.A. SANTE)
  • Country: Cameroon
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