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Lynda Allan
  • Name: Ms Lynda Allan
  • Institution: The Technical University of Kenya
  • Country: Kenya
Kathryn Allan
  • Name: Dr Kathryn Allan
  • Institution: School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Glasgow
  • Country: United Kingdom
Neila Alvarez de Haro
  • Name: Dr Neila Alvarez de Haro
  • Institution: HIPRA Scientific S.L.U.
  • Country: Spain
Sara Amanuel
  • Name: Dr Sara Amanuel
  • Institution: Addis Ababa University
  • Country: Ethiopia
Ritu Amatya
  • Name: Dr Ritu Amatya
  • Institution: Nepal Medical College Teaching Hospital
  • Country: Nepal
Erick Amaya
  • Name: PhD in Medical Microbiology Erick Amaya
  • Institution: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua-León
  • Country: Nicaragua
Syafinaz Amin Nordin
  • Name: Associate Professor Syafinaz Amin Nordin
  • Institution: Universiti Putra Malaysia
  • Country: Malaysia
Anne Amulele
  • Name: Ms Anne Amulele
  • Institution: KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme
  • Country: Kenya
Graham Anderson
  • Name: Prof Graham Anderson
  • Institution: University of Birmingham
  • Country: United Kingdom
Annaliesa Anderson
  • Name: Dr Annaliesa Anderson
  • Institution: Pfizer
  • Country: United States
Stephen Anderson
  • Name: Mr Stephen Anderson
  • Institution: Moredun Research Institute
  • Country: United Kingdom
Peter Andrew
  • Name: Professor Peter Andrew
  • Institution: University of Leicester
  • Country: United Kingdom
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